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My intrigue in filmmaking began at an very early age when I would shoot 8mm films and project them for family and friends.

That interest grew and became a focus of my education begining with television production courses in high school,

then continuing at The New School in Manhattan where I was enthusiastic to edit 35mm films on a Steenbeck


My professional career started with producing and editing on staff at production companies in NYC and Boston.

This experience included extensive training in non-linear editing at Avid in Massachusetts when Media Composer was first introduced. 

I also worked freelance regularly as a camera operator for professional sports broadcasts. 


Driven by a passion for cinematography, I continued training and have had the privilege of learning from

honored members of the American Society of Cinematographers including

John Toll ASC, Michael Chapman ASC, and Jack Green ASC.


As a cinematographer, I have worked on features, documentaries, commercials, sports, music videos,

and museum presentations. Due to unexpected physical challenges, I have transitioned into post production,

more specifically color grading. This shift in experience has been both inspirational and exciting,

as it allows me to utilize my acquired creative skills in new innovative ways.


My experience and background has been invaluable and has proven beneficial as a colorist working

with other cinematographers, directors, editors and producers. 


I look forward to the opportunity of bringing your story and imagination to life!

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